Signature Series

What Images Teach Us about Corporate Social Responsibility


How might the art of the past help us to reconsider the contemporary challenges of corporate social responsibility?

Destruction as Opportunity
Merz Construction Kurt Schwitters, German, 1887 - 1948
Nicolas Poussin, The Empire of Flora

What happens when art doesn’t last? Or alternatively, what happens when an artist seeks to destroy the past?

What images teach us about The Far West and Far East
Dodin ( 1734-1803, Porcelaine de Sèvres, 1761,detroit Institute of Art
Dish with birds, famille verte. Qing Dynasty (1644–1911), mark and period of Kangxi (1662-1722), ca. 1700-1720. From China, Jiangxi, Jingdezhen. Musée Guimet Paris , détail

The Château de Versailles, built by the French Sun King, Louis XIV, is usually seen as the ultimate representation of classical French art. However, French artists did not limit their source of inspiration solely to France and Europe.

What images teach us about the relationship between humans, money and trust
Quinten Metsys,  Money-changer and his Wife (‘Banker and his Wife’), oil on panel, 740×680 mm, 1514 
Paris, Musée du Louvre Photo Credit: Erich Lessing/ART RESOURCE, N.Y.

Money is at the heart of the relationship between business and its shareholders and employees. Dividends, salaries, bonuses — all are about money.

What images teach us about innovation

Businesses cannot thrive on spreadsheets alone. Creativity is also vital for successful entrepreneurship, competition, and managing changing industries.

What images teach us about creativity

Understanding and exploring the process of producing a work of art through a guided presentation and discussion can help people from all professions rediscover their own creative processes in a variety of fields.

Gardens: European Culture, French mind, British Brexit

The formal French garden of the height of the Ancien Regime produced the first “selfie.” What can we learn about the culture of the wealthy and the powerful from their gardens ?

What images teach us about leadership

What makes a good leader?  In these turbulent times, works of art from around the world offer some surprising and inspiring answers.

Woman and Leadership

Leadership has to be earned and renewed. To be strong, a leader needs to be legitimate. How are women who are leaders or who rule represented in paintings and statues ?

The Female symbol in politics: a French example

How have the representations of female figures throughout the centuries expressed the ideas of nation, kingdom, and eventually liberty and the republic in the French nation?

Perception of Time

What are the many relationships between space and time? Geometry offers us three possibilities:  the straight line, the circle, and the point.